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Feminist or Lesbian..?

Storytelling is man’s oldest tradition…from the days of cave paintings, to the tragedies of ancient Greece.  It’s part of what makes up the human experience. But all too frequently, stories of lesbian lives have

Inclusive or Exclusive? The Therapeutic Benefits of Creative Arts Engagement for People experiencing Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) by Clary Saddler BA Hons

Abstract Through my professional practice I am continually seeking to get an accurate gauge on the current level of practices and participation at ‘typical’ special schools, compared to that of home schooled individuals and

Cymreig Sounds of Music

Cymreig Sounds of Music was a multilingual production providing multiple opportunities for high quality arts experiences. The project was an adaptation of the Sound of Music, re-told from a Welsh perspective. It developed out of

A Play on Words

  A Play on Words  is just that! An original piece of drama and multi-media that explores the magic, wonder and potential harm of words in the 21st Century. Forget-Me-Not-Productions are working in partnership with Race


Voice is an outreach project that aims to give a creative voice to disabled people. It focuses on people who have been excluded in mainstream educational settings; particularly on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Welsh and Proud – Schools Songwriting Sessions

  This pilot project was launched at Michealston Community College, Willows High School, Fitzalan High School, Ysgol Plasmawr (who did a joint bilingual session with Radyr Comprehensive) and Mary Immaculate High School in July 2014.  

Through the Decades

fORGET-mE-nOT-productions are getting ready to start their Spring Living Tour. fORGET-mE-nOT-productions have the flexibility to move from region to region giving them greater access to a wider audience. Our Living Room Tour does just that –