Forget-Me-Not-Productions started an intergenerational decades themed project – their Spring  Living Room Tour in March 2005. The tour was very successful – particularly with nursing home residents and residential home residents. Due to popular demand, the Forget-Me-Not team have revived the Living Room Tour 5 times.

Forget-Me-Not-Productions have the flexibility to move from region to region giving them greater access to a wider audience. Their Living Room Tour does just that –  it brings high quality inclusive arts and also interactive reminiscence theatre to the comfort of your own homes. Book now to avoid disappointment!

decades project

Through the Decades explores the historical events, worldwide news, advancements in technology, scientific discoveries and also popular culture that captured our collective attention. Throughout the show we will interact with the audience to explore the popular music, dance crazes and also fashion fads that left a mark on us and captured our hearts. Through the Decades is a different kind of theatrical experience and extravaganza. Stylistically, it draws influences from the musical comedy sketches of Morecombe and Wise. So jump into our Delorean  and buckle up as Forget-Me-Not-productions will take you back on a journey through time. Get ready to explore the magical musical moments that helped shape our history.