1940s history themed show

The 1940s – the good old days. Exciting, terrifying and also known as the best and worst of times. A turbulent time of political change and a shift in power for women. Also, a decade full of huge technological advancements such as radar, rocket technology, the Jeep, improved air travel, nuclear fusion, and the creation of Z3: the world’s first ever programmable automatic computer.

Are you interested in booking us for your school’s or day centre’s 1940s history project? Or are you looking for a reminiscence digital theatre show for your care home? Maybe you know someone that might be interested in booking a WW2 themed show to mark VE day celebrations this May? Then look no further than here.

The 40s in 49 Minutes WW2 show  1940s history show

We have adapted our reminiscence theatre tour of ‘The 40s in 49 Minutes‘ into an interactive virtual performance. In addition to the 49 minute performance, we also provide audiences with a resource pack. Each pack will include a variety of activities for participants to try prior to or following the performance, such as:

  • War time recipes cookery tasks
  • 1940s games and toys
  • 1940s songs and also popular dances
  • War themed acrostic poem exercise
  • Code-cracking for beginners activity

For more information about what our show entails you can check out our promo video below: