Mouth-Off podcast is a series brought to you by Clary Saddler. It is a platform for marginalised groups to get their voices into the mainstream. I use the word marginalised here in its broadest sense. Podcast episodes might celebrate successes while tackling taboos . We have covered a range of topics such as sexuality, mental health, disability, religion, gender, inequality, race, class divides, substance misuse – plus more.

We have had an impressive roster of diverse guests on the Mouth-Off podcast. These include Welsh poet and playwright Patrick Jones, visual artist and performer Kyle Legall, Japanese comedian Yuriko Kotani, disability rights activist Ginny Butcher and California singer/songwriter Matt Costa to name but a few. Next up Clary is interviewing Sali Curtis. Sali is a Speech and Language therapist and a practitioner of theThree Principles of Innate Health Mind, Thought & Consciousness.

Mouth-Off artwork for Matt Costa episode

Forget-Me-Not-Productions designs and delivers courses and training in accessible music and inclusive arts. It also offers assistive technology interventions through its MUSIC-CAN framework. Some of the Mouth-Off series might feature podcasts created by our clients as part of their studies (such as the JacsJams episodes).

You can listen via the RSS feed at the bottom of the page or whereever you listen to your podcasts. Please leave us a review below, referencing the episode or episodes in question.