Writer’s block

Have you ever found yourself listening to a song on the radio? Or perhaps your favourite song comes on your iTunes playlist and you’ve found yourself thinking “I wish I had written that”? Or rather “I wish I could write songs full stop!!”? If the answer is yes, then Ultimate Songwriting Resource is for you..! Actually, even if the answer is no, can you tell me why that is so and what, if anything, would spark your creativity to write music in the first place?

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Wax on, wax off

Assuming you are a complete novice and have never tried penning a song, what do you think your biggest hurdles are? What would help motivate you to get started? What would assist your learning; some games, a quiz, visual aids, listening activities, digital technology? Or would random Mr Miyagi style exercises that trick you into songwriting when you actually think you’re mopping the floor or something be more up your street?! Would you like to learn some basic music theory skills in the process of attempting your first song, or would you rather it be more organic? Would an imposed structure work for you – such as trying to write lyrics that fit into a specified theme and rhyme scheme. An example might be a love song with an ABAB rhyme scheme (i.e. the last word of every other line must rhyme)?

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Self discipline

Perhaps you feel you lack the self-discipline for these techniques to be effective and you would rather just improvise freestyle and see what comes out? Finally, would you like to be able to contribute musically to the songwriting process (via virtual instruments if you do not play an instrument), or would you rather communicate your ideas to a musician and/or producer and have them translate that into music for you?

Research and Development

Forget-Me-Not are in the process of conducting research and development. We are compiling a resource of universal songwriting approaches that work effectively on complete novices to seasoned pro’s alike. This research and development will feed into a songwriter’s toolkit entitled ‘Stuck on Repeat? Stay on Track: The Ultimate Songwriting Resource. It will be based on the suggestions and preferences of both songwriters and non-songwriters. It will be tailored to a variety of needs and be fully accessible to everyone.

Please share your thoughts here. Thanks in advance!