Lockdown learning through MUSIC-CAN resources PowerPoint

Is COVID 19 getting you down? Are you running out of ideas for homeschooling activities? Then look now further than here! Forget-Me-Not-Productions has developed a series of FREE homeschooling creative learning resources called ‘Lockdown Learning through MUSIC-CAN with Forget-Me-Not-Productions’. Click the  video below to find out more information and to also subscribe.

Brave new world

With most of the world on lockdown, educators, parents & guardians and pupils have moved into what has been termed ‘the new normal’. Currently, the term ‘homeschooling’ is being said almost as frequently as the term ‘social distancing’. It is also one of the few things that has remained unchanged over the last few weeks.

There are many adults out there right now who are homeschooling, not out of choice but rather necessity. If you happen to be one of them my advice to you is not to stress. We are endeavouring to help. We will post a FREE inclusive arts resource pack every week or fortnight to help parents, guardians, teachers and pupils with their homeschooling tasks. There will be a wide range of creative activities suitable for ALN, SEN, KS1 & KS2. First up in the series (for the week beginning 22nd June) is Funtastic Fractions.

This isn’t a money making scheme – the sessions listed above are completely FREE. However, like many small businesses struggling during this pandemic, we do need to keep some income coming in to keep our business afloat, so would welcome any donations.