Lockdown Learning through MUSIC-CAN Victorians in the Old Kent Road PowerPoint resource pack

Here is the second instalment of our FREE homeschooling creative learning resource pack about Victorians. Click the  video below to hear this week’s song.

The Victorians lived during
Queen Victoria’s long reign
Times then were tough
But people didn’t much complain                               
The Industrial Revolution
Put Britain in the fast lane                                   
And the expansion of the railways – ay!
Wotcha!” all the poorhouse cried
“We’re gonna meet Charles Dickens
But ‘ave yer plucked the chickens?”
I’d rather have Emmeline Pankhurst at my side
But they knocked her in the Old Kent Road
Technology advanced
We got the telephone and motorcar
Typewriters, bicycles and moving film
Hooray, hoorah!
Iron turned to steel
Giving us ships and bridges
To take us far
And Florence Nightingale raised the bar – Ta
Wotcha!” the Salvation Army cried                     
“Child labour to do the stitching                                                           
The children swept the chimneys
And they worked down in the mines
But least they’re not in Old Kent Road                                                             
Thanks to Lewis Carrol
We got Alice and the Cheshire cat
But Oscar Wilde’s wit was sentenced to gaol
Well fancy that!
Ring a Ring a Roses was on all our lips
No chit nor chat
And the Artful Dodger just raised his hat – at
Wotcha!” me old cocker cried
D’ya make the colony criteria                                                                     
For the Empress of India?”                                                                             
The empire invaded
So you’d better run and hide                                       
Or they’d knock you in Old Kent Road
Lock you in the Old Kent
Knock you in the Old Kent Road                                                                   
Wotcha!” Queen Vicky cried
“She was multilingual”                                                                                
But she didn’t like to mingle                                                                                    
She had 9 kids with her cousin
But then he went and died                        
And they’re buried in Frogmore
Very close to Windsor               
At least they’re not in the Old Kent Road                        

Second up in the series is Victorians in the Old Kent Road (released Tuesday 30th  June). As promised, we are posting a FREE creative resource pack every Tuesday to help you with homeschooling. There are 4 suitable activities for ALN, SEN, KS1 & KS2 suggested above in the PowerPoint link.

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