Lockdown learning through MUSIC-CAN resource pack – The Silent Magic E

As many of you are aware, the Forget-Me-Not team have been busy during the pandemic preparing an array of FREE inclusive arts Lockdown Learning MUSIC-CAN resources. We have been posting them weekly for the past 4 weeks in order to help educators, parents, guardians and pupils with all of their homeschooling needs. We offer a wide range of activities, all of which are suitable for ALN, SEN and KS2.


  • MUSIC-CAN is a framework we have developed that uses music and the arts as a motivate for individuals with complex disabilities to engage with assistive technology.
  • Music is an undeniable motivator – regardless of ability level or age range. We have therefore used the ethos of our MUSIC-CAN framework to develop Lockdown Learning through MUSIC-CAN with Forget-Me-Not-Productions.
  • These are FREE resources, released once a week to help parents/guardians and school pupils with home school learning.
  • Third in the series, out Thursday 16th July is The Magic Silent E.


This week’s Lockdown Learning resource pack includes a phonics activity called ‘The Silent and Magic E‘. It explores literacy through creativity, using music as a motivator to engage in the activity. You can watch the video here and download the resource pack from the PowerPoint link in the title above.

As stated previously, this isn’t a money making scheme – the resources are completely FREE. However, like many small businesses struggling during this pandemic, we do need to keep some income coming in to keep our business afloat. We would therefore welcome any donations to our JustGiving page.