Inclusive music

Forget-Me-Not-Productions is an inclusive arts organisation offering online resources, videos, & training for artists, schools, teachers, and trainers where music will make a difference to their lives. We also provide mobile music services for disabled musicians (bands/solo), singers and composers (e.g. individuals that make music via assistive technology such as eyegaze).

mobile recording services

We were featured on Classic fm online in 2019. Here is an extract from that article:

The young Welsh musician told Classic FM: “I control my computer with my eyes. I discovered my talent through working with Forget-Me-Not-Productions, which I have been doing for three years.“In that time I’ve gained 10 qualifications in music, filmmaking and sound design. It has been a challenge writing lyrics in a rhyme scheme, but I always feel excited and look forward to each session. “I like writing and playing using the on-screen piano. But I can also play, record and arrange lots of instruments using eye gaze, including the flute, mandolin and brass. “I’ve learned a lot about what I can do and I’m finally using my brain properly.”

Tailored sessions

Forget-Me-Not-Productions is located in Rhondda Cynon Taff and offers bespoke recording studio services. We are also fully mobile so can either bring the studio to you or you alternatively,  just send us a rough demo and we can work on it remotely.

Google Chrome musiclab

We can also provide the following services:
  • full instrumental production
  • a top line vocal melody line
  • an electric guitar track
  • an acoustic guitar track
  • lead vocals and also harmonies (for our non-verbal clients)
  • mixing and mastering services
  • training for audio recording, mixing and also mastering

Zoom music recording services

Examples of previous work: