Forget-Me-Not Productions worked with our Junior Department on our production of Disney’s ‘Lion King Junior’ and ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour . Staff were excellent, and worked hard with our cast to ensure amazing performances. Thank you!

Sharon Smith – Deputy Head,

Abercynon Community Primary School

“I am very happy with all my therapies. I love my inclusive music and assistive technology sessions with Mel and Clary and how they have enabled me to be so creative. I love writing songs and I love the music video we did. I can’t wait to do more. I look forward to every session with excitement. I feel I am finally using my brain properly.”

Jac Richards – Home-schooled Student

“Clary’s strong understanding of examination structures and rigour allowed her to support the school and the pupils in all of the administrative duties that were required. She effectively took managerial control of the department and ensured that all administrative deadlines were met, as well as facilitating school trips to the theatre and external moderation visits, and coordinating the drama teaching of some non-specialist teachers.”

Matthew Maughan – Assistant Head, Bassaleg High School

“I was inspired by Clary’s talent and song writing skills to put my emotions onto paper and hum my pain into a melody. She then composed music to the song for me and we recorded it in her studio. I was very proud to hear the finished result. Clary taught me guitar in that time also. She is patient, talented, modest, humble, generous, kind, introspective, dramatic, funny and clever – A genuine star!”

Sali Curtis – Singer/Songwriter,


“Clary has written and established many new SoW’s for drama which incorporate new technologies as well as other exciting resource materials. She has also played a significant part in establishing the new specifications for both GCSE and A Level, due to our move from Edexcel to WJEC. In this respect, she has very much led the transition from one board to the other. She has organised the KS3 drama club which plays a key role in developing our young actors and contributes to the culture of Performing Arts that exists in the school. She has also organised a Battle of the Bands event and a Llanishen’s Got Talent evening which generated much enthusiasm within the school community”.

Steve Fox – Head of Drama,

Llanishen High School

“Clary was an active, motivated and enthusiastic presenter who was an important part of our Outreach team. Visiting schools, Clary presented Techniquest’s Starlab, a portable Planetarium, which offers Astronomy shows for children between 3 and 16 years old. She was also involved with the Meet the Mighty Gene Machine project, which ran in conjunction with the Science Communication Unit of the University of West England. Clary delivered discussion and dialogue events for post- 14 students out in schools and also taking part in the delivery of CPD for teachers. This was a challenging project to engage older students with issues surrounding genetics.”

Chris Mason – Audience Services Coordinator, Techniquest

“I am very happy to have worked with Clary, when presented with the challenge of turning my words into something more and making them come alive on the screen, Clary excelled beyond all expectations. She has an amazing vision and can interpret anything and make it spectacular. Her adaptations of my poems inspired me and I look forward to working with her on other projects in the future.”

James McInerney – Published author, Photographer, Northampton 

“I had singing lessons with Clary for over 18 months. She also taught me diction and speech techniques and Alexander Techniques which helped me speak more confidently. This has been beneficial for my work where I am expected to deliver presentations and speak authoritatively to large groups of people. Clary is an inspiring teacher. Lessons with her are great fun. She is honest and encouraging. Through her professional approach to teaching she has influenced me to experiment with more challenging material and taught me to laugh at my mistakes. The lessons have therefore developed my confidence and have had an impact in my personal and professional life.”

Janet Sampson – Project Manager