Developing projects for specific events

The arts inspire think, while also developing confidence and skills. Inclusive arts has many different forms. These may include (but are not limited to) dance, drama, music, creative writing, painting, sculpture, photography, crafts, storytelling, festivals and also creative industries. Arts development provides opportunities for the wider community to take part in inclusive arts activities for specific events.

    A Play on Words - arts development for specific events (internet safety month)A Play on Words - internet safety project specific events

As well as working in education, Forget-Me-Not-Productions have also developed numerous projects for specific events. These events include International Women’s Day, Black History Month, the International Day of Disabled Persons, LGBT History Month and also the Made in Roath Festival.  These events have been in partnership with charities, youth groups and schools. They also regularly work in health care settings.


The arts can change lives…True to her mission to bring opportunity to the most vulnerable people in Wales and west England, Clary Saddler also works with other minority groups. Forget-Me-Not teamed up with charity Race Equality First to work with high school pupils. They produced a play which investigated the “magic, wonder and potential harm” of words and prejudice. Other recent projects have also used the arts to improve lives in the LGBTQ and Irish traveller communities.

Taken from Good Work article, June 2019