Finding successful access solutions is our passion

With over 40 years combined experience in the field, we have a proven record of excellence within education, adult services, professional development, training & consultancy and healthcare (including medico-legal). We have also spoken and presented at conferences (such as the Arts Education Network, Communication Matters etc.). Forget-Me-Not-Productions is a small team of specialist practitioners who collaborate with a variety of arts organisations, healthcare organisations, education establishments and also case management teams. We deliver training and consultancy in accessible music, inclusive arts and assistive technology interventions. We are committed to finding access solutions for all.

Who do we work with?

  • Profoundly disabled individuals experiencing multi- sensory impairments
  • Adults and also children with complex and/or cognitive physical disabilities
  • People with Traumatic Brain Injuries, for example someone recovering from a car accident
  • People with Acquired Brain Injuries for example someone who has suffered a stroke
  • We have involvement with a preschool group for profoundly deaf babies; exploring music through vibration
  • Social Services and LEAs

Where do we work?

We are based in south Wales, however we travel extensively to education establishments, arts organisations, care homes and also to individuals in private homes throughout Wales and the west. Due to the current pandemic we are subsequently carrying out most of our assessments remotely (via Zoom), however we are usually willing to travel throughout the UK to work.