Using assistive technology alongside schools to make the arts accessible for all

This is a call-out to special schools and special units within mainstream schools. Would your learners with the most complex disabilities benefit from specialist assessments for their assistive technology requirements?

Do your staff need support with assessments, training, ongoing recommendations and also with target-setting?

For instance, do you need advice and training on the following?

  • eyegaze assessment and advice for ongoing development
  • switch access – when? how? what switch? how to go beyond cause and effect
  • alternative mouse – training and advice on when to use a joystick/rollerball and how to teach the skill
  • from cause and effect to choice making and beyond
  • use of sensory play to support learning
  • training and advice in use of mobility platform and specialist controls for wheelchair driving including wheelchair driving training profile

assistive technology advice for schools

If you answered yes on any of the above then please do not hesitate to contact us for

  • a local independent specialist in assistive technology with 20 years experience
  • bespoke music and technology sessions for small groups
  • one FREE consultation morning to discuss ongoing requirements (eligible when 6 days are booked – one day per half term)
  • 10% discount when you block book