We are willing, able and have the drive to work with any level of ability. Due to our flexible and versatile nature we are able to plan activities and experiences that can meet the needs of those cognitively functioning at a cause and effect level, as well those with complex physical disabilities but with typical cognitive functioning. All can become active participants when activities are geared and arranged in such a way. We are passionate about empowerment and tailor each session to the individual. We always assume competence and have a positive ‘can do’ attitude that is evidenced in our Music-Can framework which we designed and deliver. We believe in active observation of those responses in order to evaluate and assess; i.e. the subtle and tiniest change in movement or facial expression can actually be a powerful communicative response (see Level 1 Case Study).

Level 1

This session is intended for individuals at pre-cause and effect or cause and effect level. As part of the learning opportunities they will be introduced to the concept of choice making but there will be no right or wrong option. The focus will be very much on developing very early communications. Running parallel to this will be the opportunity for the AT specialist to assess for the most appropriate method of access to the technology.


Level 2

This session is intended for individuals who have learnt about more deliberate choice making and would like to put their skills into action. They may be being introduced to functional communication and will be encouraged to use an appropriate device to choose, direct and comment on the activities. There are greater opportunities to work cooperatively, learning greater awareness of others. It is also an opportunity to work on consolidation of early skills such as those in the previous level.

Level 3

This level of session assumes that the individual is competent in the use of their assistive technology but will need it programmed appropriately to enable them to access specialist or mainstream software. The sky’s the limit! The individual described in the Level 3 Case Study video has been working with the Forget-Me-Not team for 3 years to get to this level. Although a cognitively able young man, when we first began working with him his motivation and self-esteem were low and we have worked through many developmental stages to reach this point. He is now an up and coming songwriter/filmmaker whose music video is about to be featured at Raw Ffest 2019, where he will be interviewed by BBC Radio Wales’ morning and evening show ‘Good Morning/Evening Wales’.