This performance piece was born out of a unique project that examined the women’s roles throughout history. Herstory is a term for history that written from a female and feminist point of view. The emphasis is on the role of women. We explored this theme at length throughout the project. Our performance is history re-written or re-told from a woman’s perspective. It is done in  a 45 minute fusion of drama and also music from different eras. Herstory commences with a visually interactive PowerPoint presentation and also a discussion on inspirational female figures throughout history. It focuses on the challenges they faced, and also on the impact of their achievements,

Role of women

Throughout the history of the world, women are objectified. They are discussed in terms of what they can or can’t do and we’d like to shake things up a bit. Herstory is a celebration of the countless wonderful things that women have been doing and achieving since the dawn of time. Our performance also includes a selection of monologues from a variety of plays, all set in different periods of time such as Carol Churchill’s Top Girls and Claire Dowie’s Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?

herSTORY An event for International Women's Day