With technology in education reinventing itself on what feels like weekly basis, gizmos & gadgets such as 3D printers and VR headsets continue to enable educators to reach a whole new teaching level. For Forget-Me-Not-Productions; a green screen, Rode microphone and the GoPro Hero 4 are the only staple gadgets needed to engage and stimulate pupils in truly creative learning experiences that have the ethos of the Donaldson Report (Successful Futures) at its core.

Our Educational Programmes

Forget-Me-Not-Productions is an inclusive arts organisation with a proven record of excellence. It has a small team of associate practitioners who have delivered training and creative arts projects to primary schools, special schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities throughout South Wales. Within these sessions various barriers to learning are investigated as well as the impact these barriers have on achievement. Through this role, founder/director Clary Saddler has examined the ‘protected characteristics’, for example looking at attainment gaps in relation to gender/SEN/ etc. offering creative solutions to significantly reduce the gaps.

Workshops currently on offer to early years and Key Stage 1 (KS1):
  • Heroes and Villains:  Basic Characterisation techniques using movement and posture to re-create classic “goodies” and “baddies” using well-known shows (such as Peter Pan) as the stimulus material

  • Once Upon a Time:  Creating a group fairytale where pupils design the costumes, props and set

Workshops currently on offer to KS2 and KS3:
  • Shakespeare 4 Kidz: a modern day approach to understanding and performing Shakespeare – can be linked to the annual Shakespeare Schools Festival

  • Improve you Improv: an improvisation workshop with the aim of developing social and communication skills and creativity. This is a particularly effective workshop for pupils with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD) and pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Noise: a hands-on introduction to creating, performing and recording music

WORKSHOPS currently on offer to KS4:
  • Play in a Day/Week: a hands on approach to casting, rehearsing and putting on a short play

  • Act Out/Sing Out: a workshop concentrating on acting/singing techniques resulting in the creation of a short script/E.P

  • Homophobia is So Gay ! (a Play on Words):  an anti-bullying multimedia project exploring the power and potential danger of words in the digital age