Innovative frameworks

The Lead Creative Schools Scheme promoted new and innovative ways of working in primary  schools and secondary schools throughout Wales. So far, over six hundred schools have taken part in the Lead Creative Schools scheme. The scheme promotes collaborative partnership learning between pupils, teachers and creative professionals. The creative process promotes an environment where pupils are encouraged to ask questions. This leads to learners being more involved in decision making while bringing the curriculum to life.
innovative boys' dance project

The innovative scheme also provided schools with opportunities to develop bespoke programmes of learning. It then tailored to the individual school’s needs to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Sophie and the Bear innovative lead creative school project Lead Creative School Scheme zig zag book

Past Lead Creative School projects

The Forget-Me-Not team have delivered four Lead Creative School Scheme projects over the past 4 years. They were co-facilitators on a storytelling and multimedia project with year 4 pupils at St Athan Primary School and a visual arts and media project with year 5 pupils at Pennard Primary School. They also facilitated a dance project with year 8 boys at Blackwood Comprehensive School, as well as a radio project based on the community memories of New Tredegar with year 5/6 pupils from White Rose Primary School.