What we bring to the table

Forget-Me-Not-Productions works with a number of case managers. We offer them professional advice, assessment, implementation and also training in all areas of assistive technology and inclusive arts practice. This can be one off assessments, ongoing interventions or presenting at conferences or training days. It a collaborative process that we co-ordinate, monitor and also evaluate alongside the case management company in question.

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Case Management Cymru’s trainingĀ 







Individuals with complex physical and/or cognitive impairments experience significant barriers to creativity and artistic expression. While it is widely agreed that digital technologies offer alternative opportunities to support inclusive arts practice. There has however been a gap in research investigating the impact of assistive technology in this context. In our research and development, we have found thatĀ  assistive technology plays a huge role in enhancing disability arts and increasing emotional well-being. Some of our clients use a combination of assistive technology hardware (such as a Tobii Dynavox) and specialist software for communication (such as the Grid 3) to contribute to an independent art experience.

Many case managers also choose to use our unique MUSIC-CAN framework as an option for their clients. Here is an example of a music and art themed project that we have delivered (through which the client has gained Agored Cymru accreditation):