Elvis Herpelvis – a one-woman drag performance by the same company that brought you Herstory and also Deconstructing Decades. This is an LGBTQ+ performance that celebrates female masculinity through the music of the (Drag) King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Elvis Herpelvis - female masculinity

Female masculinity in the Cardiff gay scene

An extract from an article featured in Wales Online in 2017:

Cardiff is a very culturally-diverse city with loads to offer a variety of people. The gay scene is pretty small with only a handful of bars and even fewer clubs. There is more than enough ‘cheese’ though for everyone (assuming that’s your cup of brie)….Over the past five years, Forget-Me-Not-Productions has explored the experiences of marginalised members of society. We’ve run inclusive arts workshops for Pride Cymru in the past. We have also worked with pupils with Additional Learning Needs in Cardiff schools, which culminated with them showing their work on the main stage at Pride.


We are now in the early planning stages of a site-specific piece of theatre that I hope Pride Cymru will be a partner in. I want each site-specific area to represent a marginalised member of society (for example, someone with foetal alcohol syndrome, an LGBTQ+ person, a person experiencing PMLD – Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties). The overall feel will be one of experimental musical mayhem to aptly reflect the experiences of those marginalised members of society we’re exploring.

LGBT Guide to Cardiff