Our Post-16 Provision

Workshops currently on offer to Post- 16 (in keeping with the current A Level drama and theatre studies specifications for Edexcel, WJEC and AQA):

  • The Systematic ‘Stan’ Experience: a Master class in Stanislavski’s System using extracts from “A Doll’s House”, “Hedda Garbler”, “The Seagull” or “Miss Julie” (dependent on college’s exam board)
  • The Total Berkoff Experience:  a physical theatre workshop exploring the techniques of Steven Berkoff
  • The Epic Brecht Experience: a workshop on Bertolt Brecht presented (through Brechtian techniques)
  • Greek Theatre:  A master class in Greek theatre using “Antigone”,  “The Bacchae”, or “Lysistrata” (dependent on college’s exam board)

Higher Education

Forget-Me-Not’s Clary Saddler is currently an associate lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University where she has delivered units on drama in an ASD setting, reminiscence theatre, LGBTQ theatre in practice and inclusive arts with people experiencing PMLD. She also has extensive experience in delivering the following drama modules:

Theatre Practitioners 

In this module students examine the historical, social and artistic influences of the practitioners being covered as well as the style features associated with their work.

Applications of Drama

This module explores the potential of drama practices in both educational and wider community settings; examining the way in which theatre and performance are practiced within education and outside of recognised theatre settings.

Drama Perspectives 

This module is made up of a series of lectures and practical workshops that explore a variety of theatrical eras; investigating the way in which religion and society form the backdrop to theatrical content and form.  The module also looks at key theatrical movements from the 20th century and considers the way in which changes in society and political engagement informs theatrical content and form.