Associate practitioners

Forget-Me-Not-Productions is an inclusive arts organisation with a proven record of excellence. It has a small team of associate practitioners who have delivered training and creative arts projects to primary schools, special schools, secondary schools, colleges and also universities throughout south Wales. Clary Saddler is the artistic director. She has over 17 years experience in the field of inclusive arts.

creative arts practitioner

Barriers to learning

There are a number of barriers to learning. Some of these are motivational, some are emotional and some are related to learning disabilities. Within these sessions various barriers to learning are investigated thoroughly. We also investigate the impact that these barriers have on achievement and creativity. Through her role as inclusive arts practitioner, company founder and director Clary has examined the ‘protected characteristics’. She identifies attainment gaps in relation to things such as gender, disability,SEN, race and more. Forget-Me-Not-Productions then offer creative arts solutions in order to significantly reduce the gaps.


Forget-Me-Not-Productions echoes a plethora of charity, social enterprise and third sector workers who have said Brexit uncertainty is making funding even more difficult to come by, meaning the UK’s vulnerable people are the first to miss out. 

Extract taken from the Big Issue, online article