Assistive technology empowers individuals, enabling them to complete tasks independently that they might not be able to do otherwise.  Studies have found that large proportion of assistive technology (35% or more) often ends up unused or forgotten about. There are likely to be many factors at play here, but common reasons might include:

  • users opinion not sought before purchasing equipment
  • affordability/availability of devices
  • poor device performance
  • lack of specialist knowledge when operating the device
  • changes in user needs

Forget-Me-Not-Productions are constantly working to enable more people to have access to appropriate assistive technology.

We are passionate about giving individuals with the most complex of physical and/or learning disabilities access to independence at whatever level

Forget-Me-Not-Productions supports individuals with complex physical and/or cognitive disabilities to reach their potential. We also use specialist technologies at whatever stage of their learning journey they may be.

Many parents/carers wonder “can my child drive a wheelchair?”, or “can my child use a computer independently?”. Indeed, often the answer is “yes” with the right specialist controls.

For example, these specialist technologies could include:

  • computer access via eyegaze, switch training, development of touch monitor skills
  • independent mobility, developing wheelchair driving skills – including writing wheelchair driving programmes for schools and centres
  • environmental controls
  • supporting development of early AAC (alongside SLT also)